Reverse Intolerances Quickly

Ready to eat all food again?

Reverse your food intolerances, malabsorption, sensitivities and IBS to live free from symptoms. Our systematic approach transforms your health to a level of being yourself again!

Simple – Fast – Unique

Jordan Vena helps people to tolerate all food without suffering from any symptoms.
Here are 3 things our customers appreciate about us:

  • Simple & systematic approach: Our effective 3-step system is individually adapted and easy to follow.
  • Fast results: Jordan Vena already accompanied many people on their way to a symptom-free life. Through our experience we are able to adapt the recovery process to your needs to see positive results in the fastest way possible.
  • Unique: We found a very efficient methodology to deal with your symptoms, that is as unique as you are.

The Results Speak For Themselves

Valentina B.

“Since our last testing day, I never had a bloated tummy again!”

Bloating was the main symptom Valentina struggled with. She felt that no matter what she ate, she would get this bloated belly. It was frustrating for her and made her feel uncomfortable in her own body. This made sports activities difficult and also affected her social life.

Valentina wanted to find out what was causing her bloated belly. She wanted her flat stomach back so she could enjoy life to the fullest again. And last but not least, reverse all triggers to be able to eat all food again.

The results of our tests revealed that gluten, lactose, fructose and sucrose were the triggers. From all the tests, the data showed that fructose was her main trigger. Within 3 weeks we managed to get her symptom-free. Valentina can now eat everything without getting a bloated belly.

Theresa G.

“I can go out and order whatever I want! It is life changing!”

Theresa has tried many things in her past to get rid of her constipation, diarrhea and more, but nothing really worked. She couldn’t figure out what caused the symptoms. This severely restricted her social life, even going out with friends was a concerning situation.

She wanted to become symptom-free, figure out what the root cause was and if possible tolerate more foods than before.

Theresa is now living a symptom-free life and able to go wherever, to eat whatever she wants. With our test we could find the food that triggered her and see how severe the tolerance of each one was. Subsequently, our method systemically reversed the root cause.

Susanne S.

“Also I tolerate gluten again!
And the effort was actually so small for how great I am feeling now! “

Susanne was diganosed with 7 intolerances and fat metabolism disorder. Among other things, a gluten intolerance (non celiac), lactose, sugar, etc …  She was losing more and more weight (24 kg / 53 lbs). Not feeling healthy and compfortable in her body, which resulted in loosing the inner peace.

She wanted to tolerate some food without having symptoms. Getting back a healthy weight and body. Feeling happy and the inner peace again.

By analyzing the tests and adjusting specific plans to her, we could successfully reverse all 7 intolerances and the fat metabolism disorder! Her body absorbs the nutrients correctly again, which results in a healthy weight, body and mind. She can now enjoy all her favourite food again!

“I got diagnosed with fructose intolerance five years ago and also had big problems digesting normal sugar. Having diarrhea, abdominal discomfort and chronic fatigue was part of my life. Jordan explained to me how we’ll fix the issues and it made totally sense. It’s been two months since I can eat fruits and sweets again, without having any symptoms! Never felt that powerful and alive for a long long time!

- Amanda, 24 y/o

“Being a Mum of three children and having lactose and gluten intolerance can be tough. But this time is over! Now I enjoy every single time eating ice cream or sharing sandwiches with my children. I forgot how good chocolate ice cream is!”

- Sara, 43 y/o

“Let me be honest. At first, I thought it’s not possible, but it truly is! I had 5 intolerances for about 6 years. Since 7 months I can eat what I want! I go wherever I want without worrying! At the same time, I was so happy to notice my energy growing that fast. I feel more confident, energetic and have become the exact person I have always wanted to be!”

- Michael, 63 y/o

REVERSE Intolerances Sensitivities & IBS

This is the place where it all starts! Jordan Vena helps people, just like you to achieve incredible results in their health and wellbeing with one simple step:

Let’s tolerate all food again!

How does it work?

First things first, if you don’t fix your issues it is possible that it gets worse.
I saw this happening to almost all of my clients. Maybe you noticed about yourself that it started with one food intolerance or symptom and time by time there came up more.

You also feel this affects your mood and energy level, but you can’t find a way out of this endless cycle.

For that reason, let’s have a look on how we get all those foods back on your plate!

Here’s how it works

Over the past, we have accompanied people back to an energetic and physical life in harmony and cleared up pretty much every myth about food intolerances, sensitivities and IBS.


Find out if, and how many food intolerances or malabsorption you have

Measuring how severe they are

Teach your body to correctly absorb and digest all nutrients

Aren’t You Tired Of It?

  • dealing with symptoms caused by food intolerances, malabsorption or IBS
  • elimination diets and food diaries
  • trying everything like diets, shakes, supplements, medications, exercise, ran from one doctor to the other, but nothing changes your life?
  • not having a happy gut, which makes social situations or travelling a concerning or anxious experience for you?
  • having to check the ingredients when buying groceries or going out for dinner?
  • being careful and specific on choosing food, but still has to deal with symptoms?
  • feeling depressed, frustrated or restricted and having a negative relationship with food?

You Rather Desire

  • eating whatever you want, wherever you are
  • living a symptom-free life how you deserve it
  • enjoying social situations and travelling with your friends and family
  • feeling powerful and energetic once more
  • leaving this chapter behind you and being successful in your health and well-being

The above sentences apply to you?

Then let your symptoms no longer determine your life.

Regain your freedom and determine your own life!

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What would it feel like, being able to tolerate all of them?

Imagine being able to eat sweet chocolate, delicious cake or juicy fruits?

A bite of fresh, warm bread and a glass of cold milk?

Enjoying every moment while eating ice cream with your loved ones?

Amazing right?!
Click on the button below and let’s make it happen!

*Applications are usually replied to within 48 hours

Millions Of People Just Like You

deal with the same situation and symptoms. But we all deserve it to get rid of them and feel like ourselves again!

With a one-two punch of doing tests and adapt the methodology to your specific situation, you’ll enjoy your favorite food again and get your energetic and physical life back in balance – regain your freedom!

Systematic Approach

We turned the guesswork of treating intolerances, sensitivities and IBS into a clear methodology.

Unique Methodology

We will adapt this unique methodology to your current situation, to start right away with reversing your symptoms.

1on1 Expert Mentorship

You’ll be guided 1on1 by expert mentorship. Everything will be explained, and all your questions will be answered.

Mental Reprogramming

In addition we will enhance your brain’s performance, enabling it to achieve accelerated results.

Your body is able to recognize all possible food as something highly valuable. Imagine this like de-coding an error on your computer.

You will feel more energetic, healthier and because of that it’s an ease to lose weight.
You’ll see food, and life, in a whole new light!

Important To Know

  • NO medication involved
  • NO changes in your diet
  • you can do it from home

Jordan Vena

“Regain Your Freedom.”

Free Case Study

Free Case Study

In this insightful analysis, you will gain access to a world of secret knowledge that lies beyond the grasp of others, including:

  • What is the root cause?
  • How to reverse intolerances, …?
  • How to tolerate all food symptom free?

How To Apply

1. Survey

Fill out the complete survey. This enables us to determine whether and which intolerances you have.

2. Free Consultation

Get on a free consultation with us and we analyze together where you are at the moment and how we can help.

3. Implementation

You will receive a clear and customized step-by-step plan and we will guide you on the way to being able to eat everything.

Are you ready to be symptom-free?

Please note: In order to join, you have to apply first and check if you qualify.
Available seats for the personal consultation are highly limited!
In this free consultation we will find out together
which strategy is best for you and how we can make it happen
that you are able to eat all food again!
Click on the button below to fill out your application:

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