Can You Overcome Allergies?

Are you allergic to different foods? Then this article could help you to leave this chapter behind you.

Researchers around the world are looking for ways to reverse food allergies by developing tolerance through immunotherapy. But is immunotherapy the solution? Current status – it is the best treatment for a real allergy. But what if you aren’t allergic but rather intolerant/sensitive to foods?

Food allergies have to be taken seriously. It occurs when the body has a specific and reproducible immune response to certain foods. When someone has a food allergy, IgE is involved in triggering a response when the immune system comes into contact with that food. Essentially, the body sees that part of your meal as an enemy, releasing histamine and other inflammatory chemicals in an attempt to deal with it. This causes symptoms ranging from itchiness and sneezes to wheezing and anaphylactic shock.

The result can be anything from a mild inconvenience to life threatening. For this specific problem researchers are still working on a solution. If you got tested for real food allergies you should leave these foods away to be save, but if you didn’t get tested and believe to have one, then read the following chapter down below.


Difference between intolerance/sensitivity and allergy

Food allergy and food intolerance/sensitivity are commonly confused, as symptoms of food intolerance occasionally resemble those of food allergy. However, food intolerance does not involve the immune system. That means people with a food intolerance do not react with an anaphylaxis (severe allergic reactions). Food intolerance also does not show on allergy testing. But the point is, there is a high chance that the food intolerance could be the cause of your symptoms.

“There are many misconceptions around reactions to food,” said lead researcher Dr. Ruchi Gupta, a professor of pediatrics at Northwestern University, in Chicago.

The study, published online Jan. 4 in JAMA Network Open, included more than 40,400 U.S. adults.

Overall, 19 percent reported food allergies. However, only 10.8 percent had ever suffered “convincing” symptoms, such as hives, throat constriction, lip or tongue swelling, vomiting, difficulty breathing or rapid heartbeat.

Certain other symptoms, like cramps or diarrhea, were not considered convincing, because they are more likely to indicate a food intolerance.

That means nearly half of the people how believed to have an allergy actually had a food intolerance/sensitivity.


Why would it be better that symptoms occur from food intolerances/sensitivities?

First, it’s not an immunological reaction.
Second, food intolerances/sensitivities can be reversed.

This new methodology can be your solution to freedom and bring you to your desired situation to leave the chapter, living with allergies, behind you. This makes it is possible to find out what is causing your symptoms and furthermore, reverse them. The goal is that you are able to eat all food and live a symptom-free life. To see how the methodology works, read the down below.


And here is how we do that:

we test if you have one or more food intolerances/sensitivities
measure how severe they are
– through evaluating your data, we customize a step by step plan that is tailored to you

The customized plan is simple and easy to implement. You just have to follow it for a few days to be able to eat tolerate all food again.
Additionally you will get all the information to understand why this methodology is working. If there are open questions you can ask them at any time. I will be there for you.

Important to know:
– no medications involved
– no diet changes
– you can do it from the comfort of your home


You want to reverse you allergies and live a symptom-free life, want to be able to eat everything and feel better than ever before? Then book a free call with me on my website or write me an email at: I will have a look on your current situation and guide you to the point where you have an allergy-free life.


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Can You Reverse Food Allergies? What Experts Want You to Know

Jordan Vena

Jordan Vena


Allergies don’t have to be real allergies unless they are proven. If not, then there is a big possibility to reverse it. I want you to know of this new possibility because we all deserve to be free from allergies!

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