How To Cure IBS Permanently

Imagine living a symptom-free life. Going wherever you want and eat whatever you want. Enjoy social situations, like eating out with your friends and family, without having a look on where the next toilet is. Having a healthy digestion and being the happiest person, you’ve ever been. It sounds just too good to be truth, right? I can understand why you doubt to believe it. Many experts consider irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) to be “incurable”. But it is curable! It’s possible to eat all food again without getting any reaction. In this article you will receive the information that will cure your IBS.


What is misunderstood?

Maybe you’ve read many articles that are about a similar topic. Most of them follow the wrong direction. They focus on the symptoms, but not on the underlying cause. It got pretty popular to get people with IBS on the Low-FODMAP diet. They believe that finding the foods that trigger your symptoms and leaving them away is the cure. But it’s NOT!


Why the Low-FODMAP diet is not the solution

The low- FODMAP diet is the most common IBS diet. FODMAP stands for “fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides, and polyols”. Everybody is trying to tell you to start a Low-FODMAP diet but why? FODMAPs are fermentable carbs. When these FODMAPs ferment in your gut, they can exacerbate IBS symptoms. Lets have a look on what foods we have to avoid on the Low-FODMAP diet:

  • Wheat/rye
  • Dairy
  • Beans/lentils
  • Garlic
  • Onions
  • Asparagus
  • Cauliflower
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Mushrooms
  • Fruit
  • Sugar/sugar alcohols

How can leaving healthy foods away to get no reactions be the cure? The real cure is to tolerate all foods again, so that we can enjoy them, be able to absorb all their healthy nutrients and feel again how it is having a healthy body. The real cure is becoming friends again with your triggers! The only problem why we can’t achieve the real cure is because there isn’t any information or solution for this issue. Till today! Our new methodology created mind blowing results. Read the next chapter to get the information for the real cure.


What is the real cause of IBS?

IBS can make life a hard one. Maybe you can relate to this sentence when I say – People with IBS try every diet, every supplement and reach out for every possibility to feel relief. Healthy people have many wishes and desires, people with IBS have just one.

I always desired to find the real cure. For that reason, I had to find the underlying cause first. Research tells us that there is a huge connection between IBS and food intolerances/sensitivities. Just thinking about it for a second does make totally sense. You’re getting reactions of the food that you eat, right? The foods that trigger symptoms in you have different types of carbs which cause the symptoms in your body. A major cause of IBS is food intolerances/sensitivities. Not true allergies, but low-grade reactions to foods that drive so many chronic symptoms including IBS.

A landmark paper was published in the prestigious British medical journal Gut that found eliminating foods identified through delayed food allergy testing (IgG antibodies) resulted in dramatic improvements in IBS symptoms. Another article, an editorial in the American Journal of Gastroenterology, stated clearly that we must respect and recognize the role of food intolerances/sensitivities and inflammation in IBS. A lot of people get tested negative for food intolerances/sensitivities, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have one. So, why do they get tested negative and still can have them? Because the underlying cause of IBS is in the autonomic nervous system.

Food intolerance/sensitivity tests face the reaction as a matter, but not the root cause. The autonomic nervous system is directly connected to the nerves in the gut and because of getting the wrong information, it ends up in a reduced or overreaction. This is the result of ending up with different symptoms.


What is the autonomic nervous system?

The autonomic nervous system is a control system that acts largely unconsciously and regulates bodily functions, such as the heart rate, sexual arousal, respiratory rate, pupillary response, urination, and digestion. This system is the primary mechanism in control of the fight-or-flight response. Also, every information of all carbohydrates (sugars, starches, fibers, …) is stored in the autonomic nervous system so that every organ knows how to function when food is on its way.

People who deal with IBS react to food (intolerance / sensitivity), because the information of that specific carbohydrate is not stored with the right information in the autonomic nervous system. Some organs react reduced or overreact and because of that it ends up with all the different symptoms that you deal with.


How can you overcome IBS?

If the underlying cause of your IBS is food intolerances/sensitivities, then there are high chances that we can reverse it. We have to fix the information, so you are able to eat all the food again, that you had to leave out for so long.
Through our methodology we are able to test the following:

  1. If your nervous system is reduced or overreacting
  2. If you have an energetic food intolerance and measure how severe it is

With this data we can create a unique step-by-step plan that is tailored to you. We are able to recode your nervous system and bring it back in harmony so that you are able to go through life as a healthy person again.
There are no medications involved and you can do it from the comfort of your home.


What would it feel like being able to eat everything? Enjoying every food that triggers you. Digest it correctly and get all the energy out of it. Feeling powerful, enjoying all social situations and living a symptom-free life. Then book a free call with me on my website or write me an email at: I will have a look on your current situation and guide you to the point where you have an IBS-free life. A life full of joy and food!


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Jordan Vena

Jordan Vena


There is a huge misconseption about IBS and I want you to know about the newest information on how to reverse it! Everyone how suffers from IBS has one wish and I dedicated my life to make it happen. 

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