“You now have the opportunity to apply for a free 30-minute consulting call to find out if we’re a good fit to work together. If yes, I will guide you directly on your way to a symptom-free life.

But stop! Just a few words that are important to me…

Every day dozens of people enter their names into this form. Yet, only a handful of people make it through the entire application process.

My team and I made a commitment. A commitment to quality. We’d love to help everyone but we have limited places! This means we can only take on those who are serious and ready to make a meaningful change.

We strongly believe and advocate that health is the highest asset we have as human beings. Our clients, who are now symptom-free, were willing to invest time, finances and some energy in their health.

You see, we’re being fully transparent here. Therefore, I’d like you to closely read through the questions and answer everything correctly. This gives us the opportunity to see if we are able to reverse your symptoms.

I look forward to speak with you and hear which foods you are most excited to enjoy again. One of mine was Ice Cream!

Thank you very much and see you soon!”